Application contractor networks

The Adkalis approved applier network.

By choosing an Adkalis (Berkem Group subsidiary) approved applier, you are relying on a Professional who is committed to Quality monitoring with the TERMIFILM and XILIX product manufacturer-supplier. The trusted relationship resulting from years of partnership, site audits and training programmes are the guarantee of your contact’s reliability.

For all construction or renovation projects, for an insecticide/fungicide treatment of the timber used, for the fire protection of your home, our network of approved appliers guarantees serious and professional work.

The Adkalis Approved Applier Tag guarantees that your works project will be correctly carried out, from installation to delivery :

– green tag for all works using the Termifilm termite prevention system before building
– blue tag for the insecticide/fungicide treatment of timber using our gel solutions
– orange tag for the protection of your indoor timber using FR Technology (Fire Retardant)


To find your nearest S&C Construction approved applier or for any other questions, contact-us.