A name change for the Formulation Pole of the Berkem Group

The name of a company reflects its identity, a source of values to be shared, to be conveyed. Changing name is not an innocuous event. It is a key moment carefully considered before acting out.

Since 1964, then throughout its history, SARPAP grew up, expanded, enriched and developed its ranges of solutions:
– In 2009 with Cecil Industry’s purchase
– Then in 2017 with the acquisition of the Xylophene Industrie activity of DYRUP held by PPG AC France

Today it’s time to translate all these events into a new name, a synonym of the union of our brands (AXIL, XILIX, TERMIFILM, SARPAP, XYLOPHENE INDUSTRIE).
So, it is with pleasure that all the collaborators of the Berkem Group inform you about the fusion of the companies Sarpap & Cecil Industries and S&C Construction creating a new and unique entity.

Today we invite you to discover the name and the new logo of the Berkem Group’s Formulation Pole:

What does the new name of the Formulation Pole mean?
« ad »   : Latin prefix induces synergy, emulation.
« kali » : This spelling underlines the quality, of both services and formulated solutions to protect and to enhance materials, especially timber.
« s »     : The final letter denotes the plural aspect of the Formulation Pole in terms of target markets,        formulated solutions and proposed services.

This name offers a tone conveying seriousness and professionalism.  It evokes sympathy and inspires confidence.