Adkalis launches a new age of biosourced wood protection products

Biobased solutions

For the International exhibition “Carrefour International du Bois” (Parc des Expositions Nantes, La Beaujoire, stand n°M-A14), Adkalis, the Berkem Group formulation department, will present its complete biosourced wood protection offer. Formulated using biomass sourced raw materials, the purpose of this innovation is to mitigate the predicted depletion of fossil raw materials.

Durable and efficient wood-protection solutions formulated for the future

Designed for the timber processing industry and for the care / renovation of building timbers, this new biosourced product line has been formulated to:

  • Reduce dependency on non-renewable fossil materials and achieve the objective to prohibit the use of fossil raw materials in France by 2040.
  • Offer wood based materials durability and effectiveness.
  • Use protection solutions that are suited to the plant-based nature of wood.
  • Jointly commit to active sustainable development, with the ultimate goal of preserving and renewing the biodiversity and the resources of the planet.

A strong commitment to innovating chemistry

With 8 patents since 2011, and 15 new products brought to market every year, the Group^’s Research & Development department is permanently seeking to innovate.

“Faced with the depletion of fossil resources (gas, oil, coal) and in line with environmental and social imperatives, replacing fossil raw materials with renewable raw materials is set to become a crucial issue for the coming years. “, explains Olivier Fahy, the Berkem Group CEO. “Aware of this issue, ADKALIS, our formulation department, is relying on the expertise and know-how of its R&D department and on Berkem SAS, another Berkem Group company, which is a specialist and an expert in plant extraction. All our subsidiaries have been working together for several years to develop new solutions based on raw materials from the biomass. This is why we are now moving in a new direction by proposing a new generation of solutions formulated using biosourced raw materials. „