T&G DISTRIBUTION is extending its distribution network with ALBRECHT VERNIS ET LAQUES

Mid September, ALBRECHT VERNIS ET LAQUES became part of the Groupe Berkem T&G DISTRIBUTION network.

Founded in 1999, ALBRECHT VERNIS ET LAQUES is based in Chalons-sur-Saône and covers parts of Eastern France. Initially specialised in the supply of finishing products for wood used in interior design, over time the team used its technical expertise and knowledge of finishing products to widen its range of products to outdoor design timber,and then to glass. Today ALBRECHT VERNIS ET LAQUES distributes protection and decoration solutions to a portfolio of 800 professional clients, tradesmen, interior designers, joiners and timber and glass processing industrials (flat glass and bottles). It employs 16 people and is organised around a sales team of 3 people and a Sales Director.
A few years ago it acquired a water-based product preparation line which is one of its main contributors to sales. From its colorimetry laboratories it also manages the colouring of all its products and can manufacture the most complex products itself, such as sparkling or structured varnishes. Finally, very recently, it positioned itself on technical finishes to protect polymer compound materials for outdoor use, such as ABS tiles or urban furniture accessories.