Sarpap to treat, protect and restore roofs, facades, tiling and paving

logo_sarpap Designed for Construction professionals, Sarpap solutions specifically target disorders caused by the growth of mosses, by infiltrations of water, efflorescence, miscellaneous pollution (animal and atmospheric). Depending on the required action to take (treat, protect, clean) and the support, the product or products you need are amongst the Sarpap solutions!

Sarpap products, effective, adapted and complementary formulas

Sarpap solutions provide the full and specific material treatment to eliminate or prevent its deterioration. Thus, scouring or restoring and protective products for tiling or paving will improve its resistance and make routine care easier for example – especially suitable for surface treatments – terra cotta, cement tiles, stoneware, natural stone, etc.

Protection through the waterproofing or impregnation of materials
To extend the effectiveness of treatment and scouring products, the Sarpap water repellent or impregnating product offer prevents liquids from infiltrating the supports, thereby preventing the growth of moss, lichen or micro-organisms as well as dirt.