Xilix to treat timber and hard materials in housing against insects, termites and fungi

logo_xilix The Xilix line gathers together all the remedial and/or preventive solutions for timber used in housing and hard materials (roofing, facades, masonry, etc.) for treatment professionals.


Reliable and adapted treatment solutions

In gel, liquid or concentrate form, each formulation is specific to the characteristics of the supports and the agents causing their deterioration. For example, the treatment products for timber materials provide structural timber with a targeted preventive and/or remedial treatment to make them stronger against wood-boring insects and larvae, termites and/or fungi. The same will apply to a roof (moss prevention treatment) or a facade (micro-organism treatment).

Xilix is also a protection through waterproofing or impregnation of materials

To extend the effectiveness of the applied treatment products, Xilix offers professionals a complementary water repellent offer for roofs and facades, but also external timber protection products such as wood brighteners, saturators and  surface coatings.