Berkem Group : chemistry and plants

5 subsidiaries make up Berkem Group, each with its own activity:

Supply of active ingredients from plant extracts by Berkem SA,the Extraction department of the group.


Adkalis’s mission is to give materials, in particular wood, longer durability using its preservation and protection solutions.

Adkalis’s professional targets are:

  • 1st and 2 nd tier wood processing industries (sawmills, carpenters, joiners, panel manufacturers, pallet manufacturers, timber frame builders,…). They apply the AXIL and preventive XYLOPHÈNE INDUSTRIE solutions.
  • construction and maintenance refurbishment professionals (tradespeople, masons, appliers,…). They use the XILIX, remedial XYLOPHÈNE INDUSTRIE, TERMIFILM, TERMIPROTECT and SARPAP solutions.


T&G-DISTRIBUTIONT&G Distribution, an integrated distribution network, supplies lines of solutions for timber, from treatment to protection, including its preparation, assembly and machining. It has branches in Europe (France, Belgium et Spain).



Lixol is specialised in the production of industrial resins. LIXOL has been producing resins for the paint, construction, timber treatment and ink industries since 1960.


Eurolyo proposes contract freeze drying services, using a customised service to best meet client expectations. This technique is suitable for many sectors of activity: the agri-food sector, cosmetics, nutraceutics, pharmaceutics, both for raw materials and finished products.


Berkem Group in numbers


  • Over 230 employees
  • Sales of almost 55 million euros
  • 4 industrials sites in Gardonne (Dordogne region, France), Blanquefort and La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde region, France), Chartres (Eure-et-Loir region, France)
  • 10 distribution branches : 10 in France – 1 in Spain – 1 in Belgium