At the service of promoting timber

labo-sarpap-cecil-industries Our motivation is to keep our independent and responsible French industrial status to promote the use of timber and its derived materials in the building industry.

We believe in the strengths of timber materials and choose to meet the different challenges posed by regulations (especially the European Biocidal product and REACH regulations).

Commitments to innovation

In line with the technological advances of its markets, our dynamic staff permanently seeks and proposes relevant and innovating solutions throughout the production process, from design to sales.
To achieve this, the company actively cooperates with external organisations, active ingredient and material suppliers and research institutes.


Cooperating to move forward

  • To exchange, share and discuss innovations, study emerging technology alternatives (biological tests, quality analyses, etc.) and obtain extended certifications in association with research laboratories all over the world such as the IRG (International Research Group on Wood Protection), the CIRAD, Ghent University, the CSTB, the FCBA,
  • With centres and institutes such as RESCOLL and the LNE (Laboratoire National de métrologie et d’Essais) through supervised training making it possible to anticipate changes in demand due to technological innovation and regulatory constraints,
  • With international non profit organisations (FSC-Forest Stewardship Council, for example) because developing and producing timber protection products is also a way to protect forestry resources.