Curative timber gel

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Application de gel Sarpap Cecil Industries

Timber treatment gel, a technological advance at the service of building durability

Choosing to apply gel based timber treatment products has many advantages. Gel timber treatments are often used for curative timber treatments, but also preventively, on timber construction sites to treat the machined parts of timber.

Gel timber treatment: ultra effective penetration


Timber treatment gel has exceptional penetration powers made possible by the use of co-formulants that have a strong affinity with timber components. The migration of active substances to the core of the material is made easier. Thus, once applied, the gel gives the timber the properties it needs to withstand an attack by xylophagous insects (woodworm, Capricorn beetle, lyctus beetle) and termites. Its thixotrope formulation also allows non drip application in thick coats, thus reducing the number of coats to obtain the required treatment dose.

Curative timber gel treatment, an effective and long lasting barrier

Highly appreciated by curative timber treatment specialists because of its excellent penetrant power and its ease of use, the timber treatment gel is sprayed onto all sides of the timber. It can also be injected depending on the level of damage to the timber or the size of the timber elements (from a half perimeter in excess of 400 mm). In this case the timber must be drilled every 30 cm and at its anchor points and points of contact with masonry. The barrier that is formed prevents xylophagous insect larvae or termites from continuing their transformation or their progress inside the timber, and at the same prevents risks of larvae being laid by adult insects on the outer surface of the timber.

Example of work using curative timber treatment gel:

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