Damp protection film

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Interface between the ground and the building before construction: protect the building using a film against damp and termites

The installation of a flexible damp and termite prevention film under the surface of the building prevents rising damp and termite attacks through the ground. Once installed, this barrier participates in water tightness and prevents termites from accessing the building. New builds are therefore effectively protected from damage and disorders caused by rising damp and termites. This is an additional guarantee of durability and will add to the building’s market value.

Should a damp and termite protection film always be installed before building?

The installation of a termite prevention system in the form of a film with anti termite properties, whether an inspectable or a physical system, is mandatory in the zones that have been declared subject to termite infestation in France by a prefectoral order under the French termite Act.
The state of declared termite zones on the French territory is also known. The map below shows these zones :



Furthermore, a surface damp prevention film will prevent the growth of mould, saltpetre and other disorders caused by rising damp.

For all information about the physical-chemical damp and termite prevention system, TERMIFILM UV+, of which the innovating production method was the first ever alternative to spreading liquid termite prevention product in the ground, go to the termifilm.fr web site.