The French Termite Act

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The French termite Act imposes duties on property owners and builders

The French 8th June 1999 Act, the so-called Termite Act, defines the legal framework for the measures to take to prevent disorders and damage caused to buildings by termites.
If you are considering building, Termite legislation forces the use of a preventive termite system before building. This is a physical-chemical solution such as TERMIFILM UV+, a physical solution, or an inspectable building technique if you are building in declared termite zones.

Termite regulations also cover the choice of materials contributing to the building structure (roof structure, load-bearing walls, etc.) These must also have sufficient properties to withstand termites.
Have traces of termites or the presence of termites been detected or diagnosed? In France, you must file a declaration at the town hall*, and carry out the required prevention and elimination work. 

In France, several decrees and orders complete the Termite Act:

  • French decree n° 2006-59 of 23rd May 2006 covering the protection of buildings from termites and other xylophagous insects, and the design and building measures to take to withstand them.
  • French order of 27th June 2006 amended by the Order of 16th February 2010 and amended by the Order of 28th November 2014 covering the application of articles R.112-2 to R.112-4 of the French Building and Housing Code. This order takes into account changes to the zones in which it is mandatory to protect buildings from xylophagous insects n° 2006-591 as per article 7, strengthened by the Order of 27th June 2006 covering the application of articles R112-2 to R 112-4 of the French Building and Housing Code.
  • Order of 21st October defining the conditions for the use of certain termite products as products mentioned in article L.522-1 of the French Environment Code.

*Form for the declaration of the presence of termites in a building: cerfa 12010*02 (in France)