Garden furniture

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Caring for garden furniture

Wood garden furniture, in its initial state, will tend to change colour when exposed to the elements. Depending on the season, the humidity and the species of wood, it may also become covered in lichen or mould. To prevent this, it is preferable to store it in a sheltered place or cover it in winter.

Preparing your wood garden furniture for the summer 
When the warmer days are back, if your garden furniture has greyed over time, you can restore its original colour by using a wood brightener. This will usually be an acid based formula which, once applied, will remove the surface layer of the wood.  When rubbed, the surface of the wood will return to its original colour. Just finish with a rinse and you’re done.

Strengthening your garden furniture
To protect your garden furniture, you can apply a finishing product to its surface. For horizontal surfaces, prefer an oil or a saturator that will impregnate the wood, it will be less vulnerable to abrasion and flaking than a surface coating or paint.
Before applying your finishing product, prepare your furniture correctly by hand (sanding, cleaning) so that it is free of any previous finish, of dust, and is clean and dry, etc.