Timber saturator

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A saturator to protect timber

Sarpap & Cecil Industrie develops products such as timber saturators for the care and protection of horizontal and vertical surfaces exposed to the elements. Garden timber and exotic timber are naturally resistant to attacks from insects or fungi, but nevertheless require care to protect them from intense weather conditions.

The AXIL SATURATEUR HYDRO timber saturator was designed to protect, nourish and strengthen outdoor timber in extreme climates. A single application of this product on the rough surface will protect the timber from bad weather conditions (storms, rain, etc.) and from UV radiation. Our formula increases the material’s strength without altering its appearance.

Since 1964 we have been presenting different formulas to treat and protect timber, the saturator is one of these. Our solutions propose products that are responsible in terms of health, nature and timber. We propose a wide range of protective product treatment solutions for the use of timber in the construction industry. Discover our different products to protect timber from xylophagous insect larvae and termites.

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