Timber stripper

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Effective and non toxic timber strippers

Cleaning hard surfaces after works requires corrosive products, especially to remove building work residue. When treating timber, it is important to choose a wood stripper that will not damage the surface to be cleaned. Benefiting from our over half century of experience in the design of products for all uses, we propose treatments to clean all types of surface: walls, roof structures, wood flooring, paving, tiles, etc.

To strip the timber, we have a line of powerful cleaners adapted to each type of residue to clean off, and each type of surface. Our timber strippers thus allow you to maintain your floors and walls and to eliminate mineral residue (cement, plaster, rust, etc.) and organic residue (grease, polish, paint, etc.).

Even if the strippers are corrosive, we strive to offer wood treatments that are not harmful to health and are environmentally friendly.   Thanks to our carefully controlled manufacturing processes, we are ISO 9001 certified.

We offer a wide range of treatment solutions using protection products for the use of timber in construction. Discover our different products to protect timber from xylophagous insect larvae and termites.