Timber surface coating

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Timber surface coating treatments

If you want to preserve the aspect of your material, your best choice would be  timber surface coating.

Timber surface coating treatments based on oils or resins and which, contrary to paint and varnish, are not film generating: they do not have the blocking effect of paint and varnish because their film is micro-porous. To show all the beauty of the timber while treating it, either preventively or curatively, the use of surface coatings for timber is strongly recommended.

Care is usually easier thanks to this property (non film generating), there is no need to strip the material. Surface coating applied to timber will begin to deteriorate (“floury” aspect) over time and can be removed by a cleaning operation, i.e. machining the surface of the timber to remove its spikes with a scraper or a very light sanding. This “floury” effect is the sign that renovation is due!

Surface coating is often used for outdoor applications to protect from humidity, UVs, parasites, and all sorts of aggression.

If you need any advice on surface coating, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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