Export department

Adkalis Export department

The Export department is in charge of selling all the Adkalis products, from timber protection products to physical-chemical solutions.

Promoting timber everywhere in the world


AXIL products from the Adkalis lines have the guarantees and certificates proving their effectiveness, reliability, compliance and fitness for purpose for health and the environment.
Therefore, choosing timber treated using Sarpap & Cecil Industries products, is making sure you get the best timber resistance levels to biological agents, whatever the species.

Protecting ground / building interfaces everywhere in the world


With TERMIFILM, its product to be installed between the ground and the building, Adkalis is already protecting buildings from termites, roots and rising damp in several foreign countries.

Certified solutions on every continent

Most of our timber treatment products are CTB-P+ certified.  

This certification covers all products for which an application technique has been defined and acknowledged as being effective to make timber material reliable and safe for health and the environment.

The formulas created by our laboratories for FSC label timber (Forest Stewardship Council) requiring treatment are designed to the FSC guidelines defined by the FSC Pesticides Policy.

The treatment solutions sold in Australia and Asia have the Codemark and Singapore Green Label certifications certifying the suitability of the products in terms of effectiveness.

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