Cooperating to guarantee the suitable and effective use of our solutions

Attentive to the well-being of its users and the impact of their solutions on the environment, Adkalis provide quality technical and regulatory assistance to accompany his commercialised product lines.

The sale of Adkalis product lines is organised into two circuits:
– a direct sales network for timber processing professionals and curative solution application professionals;
– an indirect sales network via traders and/or distributors specialised in the supply of building industry solutions.

Different monitoring tools are available to users or dealers allowing traceability, controls and assistance in the use of the products. The main challenge being to guarantee that the end users have the best result in terms of reliability and safety of the building’s occupants, thanks to a controlled and reasoned use of the product lines.

Built on a partnership, the relationships with professional users or dealers commit each party to the success of works projects.

To this end, Adkalis, for example, has organised a network of approved professional appliers for the XILIX and TERMIFILM lines.

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