Masonry insecticide

Our insecticides for masonry effectively and durably protect buildings from termites.

The TERMIFILM line includes physical-chemical solutions in the form of anti-termite films that are applied at the ground-building interface before building. They are combined with complementary products to form barriers that cannot be breached by termites, whatever the building techniques used. Our masonry treatments against termites are also available as a curative solution, in liquid form, under the XILIX or SARPAP brand names.

Termites attack masonry (concrete, cement, stone) as well as soft materials (plastic, plaster) to gain access to all cellulose based materials that form their staple (wood, paper, cardboard, fabric).

Termites are underground insects that advance through ducts away from the light, in the ground (piping, crawl spaces, electric ducts, cracks or pointing) by burrowing through building materials. Their presence is difficult to detect except for the tubes they build when an obstacle forces them to move outside the materials.