External timber

Our outdoor timber treatment, protection and maintenance products improve timber elements’ resistance to the elements, the effect of UVs, fungal (cubic or white rot) or mould growth, insect attacks (termites and xylophagous larvae insects) and restore the appearance of silvered timber. They also contribute to embellishing the timber, thanks to the possibility of adding a wide choice of stain colours to our formulae.

Once treated, these newly reinforced timber elements have the required durability performances to withstand outdoor exposure and, as a result, will have reduced maintenance and cleaning cycles. Indeed, the water-repellent and UV properties considerably reduce the effect of water and sun in the deterioration of the appearance of the timber, provide even colouring, and accompany the timber in its ageing process. The insecticide and fungicide properties provide solidity in the face of biological deteriorating agents.

Available in liquid or gel form, they can be applied by soaking, sprinkling, spraying, using a brush, a roller or by autoclave.