Facade, Wall

Our facade and wall treatment and protection products make it possible to restore the appearance of hard materials (stone, render, bricks and decorative brickwork), and to strengthen their water and oil repellent properties, thereby limiting water infiltration, soiling, the growth of moss, or other traces caused by surface micro-organisms, and also making them easier to clean.

Several steps are recommended to obtain a durable result:

  • first of all, the preparation of the substrate by a cleaning-stripping operation to remove all traces of surface pollution;
  • then, if the substrate is infested by moss, lichen or other micro-organisms, the application of one of our facade moss treatment products;
  • finally, the application of one of our water-oil repellent facade or wall protection products.

Depending on the type of substrate, matt to wet finishes are available on our protection products. Our products are in liquid form with a water based formula and are easy to use and respectful of the materials.