Bio-based solutions, an essential turning point

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In order to meet new environmental challenges, Adkalis offers innovative and sustainable wood protection methods and techniques. These bio-based solutions designed for a better future have become a major challenge for Adkalis and players in the wood industry. A quick overview of this trend.

What exactly is a bio-based solution?

A bio-based solution is a formula developed from raw materials derived from biomass. Composed of organic materials, such as plants or algae, these solutions intend to be more environmentally friendly. But then why are these solutions so popular?

Bio-based solutions — a trend for a better future

Faced with the depletion of fossil resources, industries are beginning to realise the importance of preserving our environment and taking a new ecological turn for the future. In this sense, many industrial players are leaning towards new, more responsible alternatives such as bio-based products of natural origin. In fact, the use of bio-based products responds perfectly to these new environmental challenges and makes it possible to offer high-performance and effective solutions to protect wood materials.

The benefits of bio-based solutions

A true innovation — bio-based products have many benefits:

  • Bio-based solutions reduce dependence on non-renewable fossil materials and use renewable organic materials.
  • Beyond a simple environmental issue, bio-based materials make it possible to develop high-performance protection solutions for wood materials while respecting the environment.
  • Bio-based products meet consumers’ expectations regarding the protection of the planet and are consistent with the plant-based business sector.

Ultimately, bio-based solutions are truly part of a new economy that is more respectful of the environment.

Bio-based solutions offered by Adkalis

Long before bio-based solutions and environmentalism became a trend, Adkalis took a real turn in the 2000s by integrating bio-based products into a large part of its wood protection range. Today, more than ever, our research and development department continues to develop new innovations to offer ever more responsible and efficient products.

As a result, in 2018 Adkalis was able to develop a bio-based gel formulation.

We are proud to offer our bio-based solutions across a wide range of the wood protection products that we supply for construction and carpentry, among others.